I have no clubs near me: how do I get started?


All too often when the community gets this question, we find out that the person does in fact have a club that's an hour or two away. While this may feel like FOREVER, we recommend seeing if they have weekend classes, and then trying to attend 1-2 times a month.

Training on your own is virtually impossible (unless you use something like Sword Carolina), as you can't give yourself feedback on your technique. And fencing isn't just about how to do X move or Y parry - it's a dynamic, strategic discipline, and these are things you just can't self correct without years upon years of training.

Even just once a month will do wonders for your progress. And even if you don't have a club within 1-2 hours, look at kendo or sport fencing. They both teach fencing fundamentals, and you can absolutely apply those things to HEMA. Just beware of too much frog DNA - they can still cause artifacts in your training.