Why can't I use blunts in tournaments? Blunt look better than feders.

Caveat: there is more variance of opinion on this topic than some of the other ones we're covering, but ultimately it comes down to this - no tournaments backed by federations allow them, and they aren't going to change that anytime soon. If you want to spar with a blunt, that's at your own risk (and may violate your insurance policy), but we suggest giving up on trying to convince a tournament organizer. You're just going to piss them off.

  1. There's less mass in the blade, resulting in milder impact forces
  2. Feders are designed to flex, especially in the thrust. Blunts are flexible, but typically not to the same degree.
  3. Feders typically have safer tips, or at least are easier to mount a safe tip onto.
  4. Feders typically have thicker edges, spreading the impact forces out.
  5. Feders are historical, even if the modern variants are different. We don't know for sure, but similar modern designs confer benefits to safety, so there's a chance they were used for the same purpose historically as well.