Prometheus Packs

Prometheus Packs Forearms: Simplicity is Best

Any fencer who uses Sparring Gloves (and every longsword fencer should use Sparring Gloves) will likely be aware of the annoying small gap that normally exists between the end of a regular cuff and the SPES elbow protector. That gap isn't hit very often, but when you get tagged there it's rather unpleasant. Additionally, because of the thickness of a styrogum cuff, finding a guard that fits without interfering can be tricky.

At Longpoint, I met Ashanti from Prometheus Packs who was showing off a new prototype forearm guard. I picked up a set and after some testing, I figured a short review might be in order.

(Editor’s note: I discovered these at longpoint as well, and after a few minutes instantly knew I wanted them. Too many forearm guards are laughably complicated, overly built, or so thick they ruin many types of techniques)



Some sort of flexible/semi-rigid plastic, with a strong thin cord tie and drawstrings to hold it tight on the arm. It's practical and effective. Very lightweight, which is nice. There's also internal velcro to mate with the SPES elbow guard, which is a great feature. More producers should check the de-facto standards and make their kit compatible.


These are great. Low profile with a slick outer surface means they fit comfortably *under* the Sparring Glove forearm. As a guard, they spread the impact just enough in combination with a jacket sleeve. Coverage is good. I found that very occasionally the corners would catch on the glove strings, but that's not been an issue very often and could be solved with a little trimming (editor’s note: I rounded mine with sandpaper) . The only annoyance is getting them properly tightened down while gearing up, but that's a one-time process for a day of sparring (editor’s note: I wish these had stretchy cord instead of what’s used, as it would solve this problem outright. But a few dollars on amazon takes care of that).


TL;DR: coverage is good, comfort is good, price is good - recommended if you want forearm guards to go with your Sparring Gloves.